Original Rühle
SR 2 BiTurbo.

With new grating function.

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The perfect Allrounder - Precise cuts up to 3,000 kg/h:

- 10 second changeover
- push-button loading
- intuitiv Tablet-control

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Easy handling saves time

Open the door, remove the grid, insert the next grid and continue cutting at a different size. You won’t find any faster or easier method. The easy handling enables the operator to cut something quickly. No need to remove the cutting knife.


Standard trolley level discharge conveyor belt

The end product passes under the watchful eye of the operator at the proper working height. The space under the discharge conveyor belt is large enough to fit any size bin or a 200-lt standard trolley. No more carrying of bins around. Assembly and cleaning are easy tasks.

Versatile Grids

For 13 different cutting sizes

One grid consists of up to three parts that can quickly be combined to form additional grid sizes. It is possible to produce 13 different cutting sizes with one grid frame and 7 grid halves. The grids are mounted on wheel bearings, which makes for smooth running parts. Off-cuts left at the end of the cutting process can easily be removed.

Find out all about the Original SR 2 BiTurbo, now!

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50 years of Rühle

HighTech right from the start

Willy Rühle recognised early on that it’s not enough to build machines like everybody else. Since 1966 the Rühle machines revolutionized the food industry with unique but simple HighTech solutions.

Innovation awards

Regional, national, international

Exploration and invention are in our blood. Our genuine originals have repeatedly won local, national and international prizes for innovation.

Genuine quality

Made in Black Forest

In true Black Forest style, we uphold tradition and strive with meticulousness, care and precision to ensure that each new version of a genuinely original Rühle machine is better than the previous one. Faster, more powerful, more reliable.

Get to know the Original SR 2 BiTurbo, now!

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