Whether cream cheese, quark or yogurt, all generally involve mixing lumpy components before they can be turned into tasty products for sale.

Mixing plays a central role in producing milk products. Here it is important that the lumps be mixed consistently and gently in the cream cheese, quark or yogurt. The same goes for colouring cream cheese dips. This process, too, requires that the dip be consistent throughout and without lumps.

Muesli requires special care to come out both crisp and juicy. In addition, the various ingredients that usually go into muesli behave differently in yogurt, which makes consistent mixing very difficult. It takes a specially designed mixing arm to permit the gentle mixing required to uniformly mix chunky ingredients in a nearly liquid milk product!

At Rühle we offer machines that enable gentle, consistent distribution of ingredients so that the consumer tastes the same delicious composition, spoonful for spoonful.

Milk products must be produced in especially hygienic machines. Many interim cleanings are necessary throughout the day. Only superior hygiene ensures an absolutely fresh, long-shelf-life product. Cleaning takes both time and money: consequently, mixers for milk products must be designed to enable quick cleaning.

Superior hygiene for absolutely fresh, long-shelf-life products. Genuinely Rühle.

Our machine consultant will help you to find the right mixer for your application!