Today we apply our nearly 50 years of experience to building our genuine originals. Nearly 1,000 machines each year. Simple and precise handling is our trademark. Discipline and fully computerised processes make us strong. The perfect prerequisites for producing small or medium batch sizes in no time at all.

We build machines

Steel and equipment construction

Craftsmanship is our strength. We build machines completely in house. As well as machine casings, containers and other structural parts. We configure switch boxes and assemble them together with the mechanical components into a finished machine. Anything is possible!

Ask us anytime!

We love metal

From sheet cutting to machining

Do you have a particular shape or part in mind? At Rühle, we can produce it. From sheet cutting to beamed housing. And we’re also expert in machining turning and milling components. Metalworking is our passion!

We solder and assemble

Electrical assembly

Our very own electrical assembly is able to make both simple and complex switching devices. It’s all the same to us. During final assembly, we put everything together. It’s that easy!

Every one of our machines reflects genuine Black Forest ingenuity!

Exploration and invention are in our blood

Different from anything else on the market

We wouldn’t be where we are without inventions. Year after year, for decades, we’ve been bringing ideas and technologies to market.

Our developers are tinkerers in the mould of our founders. Today we set great store by discipline, knowledge and a proven network of partners.

Our experience encompasses ultrasound, microwave and computer technologies. We live and breathe refrigeration technology, and we have special expertise in induction heating. Depending on your preference, we can also develop your own product in part or completely.

Our products are manufactured by old and young, working together: each is a genuine original.

Genuinely Rühle

Experienced specialists make the difference

Our workers are specialists – they represent around 20 manufacturing-related professions with years of practical experience in our company. Their passion is mechanical and electrical engineering, and equipment construction.

Exactly what substantial in-house manufacturing and enormous potential for feasibility require. Of course, it comes down to our roots and our Black Forest virtues. We also develop ideas that others must reject – cost-effectively, of course!

Finally, at Rühle we are used to working fast, simply and to tight deadlines. All are factors essential to the success of our food processing machines.