In any industrial kitchen, consistency is a top priority. Standardised processes are behind every flick of the wrist. In short, everything must be impeccably ready.

If you want to survive in the catering business, you can’t expect customers to tolerate inconsistent quality. To ensure consistency, your basic products must meet standards for quality – or better, still have quality to spare. It’s a form of insurance when things don’t go according to plan.

For example, it often happens that a stir - fry or a roast waits too long for a customer. Yet the customer must never notice it. The prepared food must always look good, taste crisp and not be overcooked.

To be able to react to fluctuating demand, you need backup food. These backups are only regenerated when they are actually needed, and then must be ready within 20 minutes. Naturally, they should offer the same quality as freshly prepared goods. This is only possible if the basic backup product also has quality to spare.

Well - kneaded meat tumbled with a small amount of salted water maintains its quality even after several warmings.

Tumbling also prevents significant loss of juice during cooking and markedly relaxes the structure of the meat. Cooking time is shortened and is the same for each piece of meat. Pre-seasoned noodles make a harmonious accompaniment only when they are coated evenly with lump - free sauce. A particularly gentle mixing technique makes that possible. This method also ensures that fruit, vegetables or creamy desserts succeed and that quality is consistent in every portion.

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