In recent years pre-cut fruit has seen the greatest sales increase of any convenience product.

Ensuring the storage life of fruit means not damaging it in mixing. Even discolouration is enough do discourage a potential customer. The addition of ascorbic acid should protect and seal the surface without being too much of a good thing.

Fruit is very delicate and consequently requires a cutting technique that can very gently cut flesh such as pineapples, melons, apples and bananas. Nearly any kind of fruit can be cut quite small, look good and still essentially retain its juice.

These product - preserving characteristics also apply to mixing with a paddle mixer. It must cautiously raise the bits of fruit before letting them trickle back gently into the container. This guarantees against crushing or squeezing. Different fragilities typical of various sorts of fruit must also be taken into account.

Rühle original machines enable uniform cutting and mixing of fruit. Consequently, the content of each package of processed goods is the same.

Our machine consultant will help you to find the right mixer or cutting machine for your application!