What makes deli foods special is their variety.

Deli foods

The secret of consistent taste

But they are made by similar processes. Deli food products always involve the combination of different ingredients. Each ingredient has its own challenges.

In producing a good deli food product, each ingredient must be taken into account. It must look natural, retain its “personality” and contribute to the harmony of the overall composition.

This balancing act can only be achieved through highly precise chopping, seasoning and mixing, and then only when all the characteristics of the foodstuffs are suited to the characteristics of the processing method.

At Maxtofu in Emmendingen, in southern Baden, a Rühle original cutting machine is central to the small tofu business. “I don’t know of any other machine that performs as well as this one,” says Max Breisacher. His goal is to make the best possible tofu. That requires good raw materials, exciting recipes as well as superior technical solutions. “I couldn’t do anything without my Rühle.”

At Rühle we have a simple rule for achieving this goal: a uniformly smooth cutting surface enables identically sized cubes and strips to pick up just the right amount of seasoning.

That is the secret of consistently good taste. Not a single morsel should be overseasoned, not a single morsel should be bland!

This consistency can be increased by injecting the seasoning directly into the foodstuff and following that with a tumbling process. For cooked products, this procedure ensures an accurate, consistent cooking point as well as just the right cooking time. The quality is also always consistently good throughout. Our consultants will help you to find the right tumbler or injection machine for your application.

Mixing, on the other hand, requires a consisting mixing result. Ingredients must be equally distributed throughout the product. With the right mixer, all the ingredients will retain a fresh appearance even when mixing is intense. Our machine consultant will help you to find the right mixer for your application!

Our machine consultant will help you to find the right mixer for your application!