Nothing left to chance

Everything that has to be mixed is put into my Rühle tumbler!

Monday isn’t the only day when Udo Kramer gets up early, but on the first day of the week the robust master butcher from the Black Forest rises extra early. “Monday is slaughter day”, says Udo Kramer. 35 pigs are supplied to his company, and two hours later everything is prepared for the fresh, roughly cut bratwurst sausages, as well as the meat (still warm from the slaughter) for the cooked sausage. 


All or nothing

I wouldn’t be able to live without my Rühle anymore!

From the front, Wolfgang Böhringer’s butcher shop looks completely inconspicuous. A sober, functional building on an industrial estate in the district of Elgersweier, in Offenburg – not a place you would find chance customers. Those who want to shop here have to sit in the car and drive at least three kilometres. Could this actually go well?


You can taste genuine quality

I can’t manage without my Rühle

“Here, smell this!” says André. Born and bred in the town of Cernay, the 72 year old master butcher grabs a fresh cooked ham and hands it over. The meat smells hearty and natural. Just the way André likes it. “Good meat doesn’t need much seasoning,” he says. “It tastes fantastic too.” André has a passion for butchery. He is a real character, a genuine original.

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The vegan butcher

My Rühle cuts perfectly

Can you imagine a butcher who doesn’t touch meat? You’ll find one in Emmendingen, in southern Baden. His name is Max Breisacher, he is 54 years old, and you’ll find no meat in his shop. For 25 years Breisacher ran a butchery.

Today he aspires to make the best and tastiest products. “Tofu must be tasty,” says Breisacher.

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