Rubbing with seasoning results in better taste and consistent quality.

Ready - to - cook vegetables are usually blanched and frozen. Increasingly, however, these vegetables are also freshly seasoned. To ensure that the seasoning reaches every part of the vegetable, the vegetable must be rubbed all over with the seasoning.

This procedure not only results in consistent quality. It also uses only up to 15 % of the amount of seasoning usually needed. The result is lightly seasoned vegetables that taste of vegetables, not of pockets of seasoning. Whether as a ready - prepared meal, for catering or in an industrial kitchen, the process results in better taste and more consistent quality overall.

Broccoli florets and cauliflower are particularly delicate. But salad leaves can also very quickly be destroyed and thus be unusable for consumption. Mixing and seasoning by hand is not practical and in any event does not deliver consistent quality for larger amounts. This is where mixing technology makes the difference, rotating with very slow speed in a large - diameter container.

Slow mixing in large - diameter containers allows vegetables and salad to tumble gently and to pick up a very light coating of seasoning.

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