Meat is a very special foodstuff and source of energy. Today, as in the past, it is the focus of a meal in most countries around the world, with the so - called side dishes organised around it.

Meat offers greater aromatic diversity than almost any other food. It will taste very differently depending on how it is prepared. A good piece of meat actually begins with breeding. A good diet promotes flavour, and after slaughter, the meat undergoes several lengthy ageing processes. Everything must go right up to this point. Only then can the meat be turned into a speciality.

At Rühle we work like star chefs

Always looking for new flavour components

Processing improves a good piece of meat. Purists might find that objectionable. After all, no one ever imagines star chefs “processing” meat – yet, in fact, that is precisely what they do! At Rühle we think like star chefs, using chef-like inspiration to explore new flavour components every day.

  • We aim for as much tenderness as possible without having the meat fall apart on the plate.
  • Because people are eating less and less fat, we strive to give lean meat the same rich taste as a fatty piece of meat.
  • We don’t pour sauce over meat. Rather, we prefer to work the taste into the meat before it goes into the pan.
  • We also like to offer people who aren’t natural cooks a foolproof way of preparing meat – so that it comes out delicious even if all doesn’t go according to plan.

This is what occupies us at Rühle every day and inspires us to build machines designed to inject meat with seasoning or sauces so subtly that it becomes a genuine delight.

An original tumbler from Rühle, which also acts as a mixer, kneads pieces of meat with varying degrees of force so as to work the meat’s juices – and seasoning – into the meat. As the structure of the meat relaxes, the meat can be made more or less tender, as desired. The meat can also be kneaded to release proteins that come to the surface and act as a natural glue.

This is how we came to be specialists for cooked ham and all sorts of cooked cured products. We have developed processes that can be used to make raw ham especially mild without having to worry about salt-free spots.

Our customers agree: see for yourself. Pay a visit to André Edel and his son Mathieu at Boucherie Edel!

But that’s not all: in recent years Rühle has devoted substantial effort to improving natural meat.

You can use our genuine originals to cut meat or sausage into cubes, strips or pieces. Not only do they look good, they also taste good!

Our machine consultant will help you to find the right cutting machine or tumbler for your application!