We are Rühle. For more than 50 years, we have been shaping food production with a mix of Black Forest ingenuity and sophisticated HighTech.
From the airy 1000 metre heights of the Black Forest, our roughly 165 employees develop and manufacture the genuinely Original Rühle machines that have repeatedly won local, national and international prizes for innovation.
Today, as in the past, the company is led by the Rühle family.

You can taste genuine quality

I can’t manage without my Rühle

“Here, smell this!” says André. Born and bred in the town of Cernay, the 72-year-old master butcher grabs a fresh cooked ham and hands it over. The meat smells hearty and natural. Just the way André likes it. “Good meat doesn’t need much seasoning,” he says. “It tastes fantastic too.” André has a passion for butchery. He is a real character, a genuine original.

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The vegan butcher

My Rühle cuts perfectly

Can you imagine a butcher who doesn’t touch meat? You’ll find one in Emmendingen, in southern Baden. His name is Max Breisacher, 54 years old, and you’ll find no meat in his shop. For 25 years Breisacher ran a butchery.

Today he aspires to make the best and tastiest products. “Tofu must be tasty,” says Breisacher.

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Exploration and invention are in our blood. In true Black Forest style, we uphold tradition and strive with meticulousness, care and precision to ensure that each new version of a genuinely original Rühle machine is better than the previous one. Faster, more powerful, more reliable.

Enjoying responsibility

I would do it all again

Many companies like to say that they are one big family. “With us, it’s real,” says Martin Baschnagel. Since 2011 the 23-year-old mechanical engineer has been with Rühle in the beautiful Black Forest town of Grafenhausen. Today he is the project leader in the development department. He’s working on the next version of the Rühle AR 10 cutting machine. Baschnagel is young, yet he’s come a long way. “Here you enjoy a lot of freedom, but you also have a sense of responsibility,” he says. He likes that.

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We have been producing dicing and strip cutting machines since 1966, curing machines since 1972 and tumblers since 1975. In the years that followed, we added frozen meat cutters and net applicators to Rühle’s wide range of products. We invented the first tumbler with direct cooling and brought HighTech to food production. Today, Rühle’s genuine originals convince by their performance features, their reliability and their ease of handling.

Forever Rühle

Black Forest or bust

The way to Rühle is no short cut. It leads past several lakes and up a mountain. Once you’ve spotted a nationally known brewery, you’re almost there. Your goal is the small Black Forest town of Grafenhausen. Here is where state-of-the-art HighTech machines are produced. Rühle originals. That the company still calls this place home is due to the efforts of one woman: Marlene Rühle.

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We Black Forest folk are also very particular and pay exacting attention to detail. Our expertise and detailed knowledge mean that you will benefit from key innovations and advanced technology as well as uncompromising service. Genuinely Rühle.