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    The knife is key
    The cutting knife is extremely strong. The back of the blade makes limited contact with the product. The elongated cutting and the extremely hard knife steel withstand the strongest pressure. Even bones or frozen products can be cut easily.
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    Shaft compacting
    The shaft is filled prior to cutting. The product is fed into the shaft and pushed down while being gently compacted from all sides. Once the shaft is closed, a finely adjustable pre-compacting function presses the plunger against the product and gently forms it into a cutting block. The result is perfectly shaped cubes.
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    10 second changeover
    Open the door, remove the grid, insert the next grid and continue cutting at a different size. You won’t find any faster or easier method. The easy handling enables the operator to cut something quickly. No need to remove the cutting knife, and all grid components can be safely stowed inside the tool magazine.
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    Firm grip during cutting
    When the product to be cut is smaller than the shaft cross section, even the best pre-compacting does not help – there is no way to stably position the product to be cut. Here an inclined shaft helps to hold the product stable on two sides by means of a V-shape. Cutting chops and portioning is only possible this way.
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    Sophisticated blade
    If the serrated blade was pulled out straight, the knife would double in length. Consequently, half the movement is sufficient to achieve perfectly cut results. Less movement means less friction. This in turns means less heat and a more accurately cut product.
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    Versatile grids
    One grid consists of up to three parts that can quickly be combined to form additional grid sizes. It is possible to produce 13 different cutting sizes with one grid frame and 7 grid halves. The grids are mounted on wheel bearings, which makes for smooth running parts. Off-cuts left at the end of the cutting process can easily be removed.

Original SR 1 Turbo

Top performer with superb cutting results

This compact machine offers high throughput and optimal sanitary features. Frozen or directly out of the cooking pot, the Original SR 1T cuts the best possible cubes and strips from any type of meat.

at one glance

  • Serrated knives
  • Angled shaft
  • Lateral pre-compacting
  • Tool magazine
  • Pressure-sensitive pre-compacting
  • Multiplex-grid on roller bearings
  • Stepless feed adjustment 1-32
  • Mechanical pressure system
  • Single-foot undercarriage


Retaining claw plunger for portioning
Sectioning blade for bones
Knife sharpener
Knife disk
Serrated knives
Grid frame
Grid halves SR 1
Sectioning blade
Cheese knives
Grid knifes
Roulade kit

Technical specifications

Machine height 980 mm
Machine length 900 mm
Machine width 600 mm
Machine weight 280 kg
Connected load 400 V, 2,1 kW, 16 A
Performance max. 1.500 kg
Height of shaft 100 mm
Length of shaft 350 mm
Width of shaft 100 mm
Section length 1 - 32 mm
Sections 160 pro/min
Cutting temperature -5°C - +80°C
Standard grid sizes 5, 10, 20, 50 / 6, 12, 24, 50 / 8, 16, 33, 50

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