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    Precise mechanical handling
    The fully mechanical feed system pushes the material under the cutting knife with millimetre precision. This technology is very accurate and robust. With the simple push of a button the feed piston advances all the way to the product even before the cutting process begins, thus saving time.
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    Push - button control

    The semi - automatic keyboard control is self - explanatory. It is very easy to operate. Simply press the button twice and turn the feed adjustment wheel once to start the machine.

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    Choice of knives

    A combination of power and the long - pulled blade mean that even the most tough meat structures can be evenly cut. A finely serrated knife cuts bones without splintering.

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    Convenient, hygienic transport
    A welded machine construction offers hygienic characteristics that make cleaning very easy. All flexible parts can be taken out and re-inserted in three easy steps. Durable castors allow easy movement in all directions.
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    Textured steel plating for better cutting action
    To minimize friction between the product and the blade, the processing shaft is made of textured steel plating. This helps to maintain the natural form of the meat, and ensures uniform cutting.
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    Secure grip
    One movement is enough to fix the material in place with the retaining claw. A tipper lock drives the claw easily into the meat. This mechanism is suited to all types of meat. The compact construction ensures a minimal amount of waste.

Original KR 1

Cutting portions with or without bones

At 200 strokes per minute the Original KR 1 accurately cuts and portions chops, roulades, cordon bleu and schnitzel. Even thick - boned meat can be cut into slices of between 1 and 32 mm thickness.

at one glance

  • Angled shaft
  • Lateral pre-compacting
  • Mechanical drive system

Technical specifications

Machine length 1.860 - 2.912 mm
Machine width 830 mm
Machine height 1.230 mm
Machine weight 240 kg
Connected load 400 V, 2.7 kW, 16 A
Length of shaft 750 mm
Width of shaft 210 mm
Height of shaft 230 mm
Section length 1 - 32 mm
Sections 200 per minute
Cutting temperature -4°C - +80°C

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