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    Tool magazine for any number of accessories

    The tool magazine ensures a clear arrangement and safe storage directly in the machine. The magazine door can also be turned into a practical work table in one easy step. In addition, for easy cleaning, creel and knife suspensions are attached to the rear of the machine.

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    Compacting system with inclined shaft and multi-sided pre-compaction

    The compacting system holds the material to be cut firmly together so that cubes of the same size are produced from the first to the last cut. At the end of a cutting process, the remaining meat in the cutting frame is pushed deep into the cutting frame in a slower working cycle, allowing a few more cuts to be made. This makes it easier to clean the cutting frame and provides 1 kg more cut meat.

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    Quick change system of cutting frame

    This system is the basis for a cutting frame change in 10 seconds, a perfect cleaning in 30 seconds and a knife change in 1 minute. The modular system also permits the cutting of other cutting sizes. Due to roller bearings, this cutting frame operates with extremely low wear even under the toughest conditions.

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    Worldwide networked with tablet control

    The Original SR 3 BiTurbo can be controlled by any tablet or smartphone. Recipes can be created intuitively and the daily work is enormously facilitated by the reduced control surface. The own data is securely stored in a cloud, which can be reloaded at any time - just like the control app.

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    Pre-filling hopper with shaft filling system for optimum shaft utilization

    Up to 200 kg of material to be cut is shaped by means of a conveyor belt and a tamper inside the pre-filling funnel in such a way that the cutting shaft is filled with up to 95% of its volume with each refill with repeatable accuracy. Thus, the machine works twice as efficently.

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    Multiple knife function

    Instead of double or triple knives, the machine is equipped with a knife drive that can also perform 640 cuts or even 960 cuts per minute instead of 320. This eliminates the need for multiple knives.

Original SR 3 BiTurbo

Precise cuts up
to 3.500 kg/h

With 320 cuts per minute, the fully automatic high-performance machine can process up to 3,500 kg of cut material in one hour. The material can be cut into cubes, strips or rasp in various sizes. In the temperature range from -5°C to +80°C the machine cuts almost any food.

at one glance

  • Feed system
  • Tablet control
  • Pre-filling funnel with chamber loading system
  • Serrated knives
  • Angled shaft
  • Lateral pre-compacting
  • Stabilisers for sliced goods
  • Multiple-knife-function
  • Multiplex - grid on roller bearings
  • Pressure - sensitive pre-compacting
  • Stepless feed adjustment
  • Lift for Eurobins
  • Off cut processing system
  • Tool magazine


Grating disk
Sectioning blade
Retaining claw plunger for portioning
Sectioning blade for bones
Grid knifes
Knife sharpener
Serrated knives
Knife disk
Cheese knives
Grid frame
Grid halves SR 3 BiTurbo
Grid halves SR 2
Standard trolley (200 l), blue

Technical specifications

Machine length 2.800 mm - 3.440 mm
Machine width 1.494 mm - 1.600 mm
Machine height 2.115 mm - 3.145 mm
Machine weight 2.000 kg
Connected load 400 V, 14 kW, 32 A
Performance 3.500 kg/h
Length of shaft 530 mm
Width of shaft 120 mm
Height of shaft 120 mm
Sections 200 pulsating / 320 continuously
Section length 0.5 mm - 32 mm
Cutting temperature -5°C bis +80°C
Standard grid sizes 5, 10, 20, 60 / 6, 12, 24, 60 / 7, 15, 30, 60

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