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    Four strong vertical knives
    The knife beam cuts slices of 35 mm thickness, 45 times per minute. Four vertical blades divide the slices into 65-mmwide pieces. The strong blades effortlessly separate the frozen blocks. Depending on the amount of water, the product can be cut from between –40°C to +80°C.
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    Mechanically driven
    The knife beam is positioned at a right angle to the approaching cutting block. Consequently, cutting is very precise and has a high degree of repetitive accuracy. Power transmission is provided by a low-maintenance mechanical gear motor that ensures years of reliable performance.
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    Material guide system
    Bin contents are dumped out onto the flexible work surface. Often during the production the block ends up insecurely positioned. For this reason, a track turns the contents of the bin back onto their smooth bottom side. A vertical stop with an adjustable height can be set between 80 to 250 mm and guides the product securely and precisely.
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    Easy, convenient loading
    Loading is performed at a convenient height of 1.050 mm. From this point a railtrack aids transport into the machine, where an automatic lifting device takes over. It positions the cutting block onto the ideal drop height for a safe sliding towards the knife.
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    Safely, ergonomically and easily cleaned
    Government-certified and designed in accordance with European standards, this machine offers the highest possible safety features. Intuitive design ensures an easy operation. Daily cleaning is the easiest of tasks.
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    Secured trolley
    Essentially any type of trolley can be securely stowed in the trolley cage. The trolley is fixed on all four sides, which prevents it from rolling away. The precise trolley positioning prevents spillage and ensures that the trolley is being filled evenly.

Original GR 50

Stands up to the toughest continuous operation

Versatile in products such as meat, fish, vegetables or butter, this machine will cut virtually any semi- or deep-frozen product fast and reliably.

at one glance

  • Vertical knife
  • Fold-away working table
  • Angular beam
  • Mechanical drive system
  • Automatic lifting system
  • Garage for standard trolleys
  • -certificate of inspection


Standard trolley (200 l), blue

Technical specifications

Machine height 1.626 - 1.838 mm
Machine length 2.035 - 3.059 mm
Machine width 838 - 1.559 mm
Machine weight 630 kg
Connected load 400 V, 6,9 kW, 16 A
Performance 3.000 kg/h
Height of shaft 250 mm
Width of shaft 440 mm
Working height 1.050 mm
Knife strokes 45 p/min
Standard trolley height 200 lt

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