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    Hygiene down to the last detail

    Clean in places you otherwise couldn’t. That‘s what this machine is all about. That’s why it is completely enclosed and securely welded. There are no hard to reach corners and for the first time a removable base plate ensures real cleanliness under the machine.

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    Perfect ejection

    Cut goods are only ejected at the end of a cutting cycle. This makes the machine very safe and means that items are securely ejected. Even large pieces fall out gently and delicate items are handled with particular care. Now the euro box can be changed easily during cutting.

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    Easy operation

    The machine is very easy to operate. Everything about it is intuitive. For example, a tray with a cutting board can be placed in different places. And various suspension points make working and cleaning easier in multiple ways. Large wheels ensure easy transport.

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    Knife, cutting discs and grater

    Grating discs skin thin layers from the cut item. A slicing disc produces powder-like granules from hard cheese. A cutting disc maintains precision when making big cuts. And, in addition to the all-purpose knife, a sawtooth knife can also make cuts from items containing bones.  

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    Versatile grids

    One grid consists of up to three parts that can quickly be combined to form additional grid sizes. It is possible to produce 13 different cutting sizes with one grid frame and 7 grid halves. The grids are mounted on wheel bearings, which makes for smooth running parts. Off-cuts left at the end of the cutting process can easily be removed.

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    10 second changeover

    Open the door, remove the grid, insert the next grid and continue cutting at a different size. You won’t find any faster or easier method. The easy handling enables the operator to cut something quickly. No need to remove the cutting knife, and all grid components can be safely stowed inside the tool magazine.

Original AR 10

Cutting strips, dices, portions and grating

Precise cutting quality with outstanding smooth cut surfaces make this entry - level model unique for semi - automatic cutting. Even difficult or small pieces are precisely cross sectioned with very few small off - cuts remaining in the final product.

at one glance

  • Serrated knives
  • TwinCut - Gattersystem
  • Angled shaft
  • Lateral pre-compacting
  • Stabilisers for sliced goods
  • Tool magazine
  • Pressure - sensitive pre-compacting
  • Multiplex - grid on roller bearings
  • Stepless feed adjustment
  • Single - foot undercarriage


Sectioning blade for bones
Retaining claw plunger for portioning
Sectioning blade
Knife sharpener
Serrated knives
Knife disk
Grid knifes
Cheese knives
Grid frame
Grid halves SR 1
Roulade kit

Technical specifications

Machine length 1.070 - 1.900 mm
Machine width 690 - 890 mm
Machine height 1.040 mm
Machine weight 245 kg
Connected load 400 V, 3.8 kW, 16 A
Performance max. 1.700 kg/h
Length of shaft 350 mm
Width of shaft 100 mm
Height of shaft 100 mm
Section length 0,5 - 60 mm
Sections 200 per minute
Cutting temperature -5°C - +80°C
Standard grid sizes 3, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 15, 16, 20, 24, 30, 50

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