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    Stable pressure system
    The large-volume stainless steel pump ensures continuous wear-free operation. With a stable pressure of between 0.5 to 4.3 bar even viscous liquids can be injected reliably and repeatedly. Self-priming up to 10 metres and non sensitive to salt and ice offer greater safety and shorter circulation.
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    Fast cleaning
    Three easy steps free up the working area and make it easily accessible from all sides. As the conveyor belt releases automatically, one step is all it takes to get the belt into a convenient cleaning position. The entire cleaning process takes no more than 5 minutes. Assembly and disassembly take only 20 seconds each.
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    Hand injector for oversize curing tasks
    For injecting oversized products, the solution is a standard-built hand injector. The single-needle spray
    pistol provides enough manual pressure to process oversized products without having to invest in a
    second machine.
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    Stainless steel conveyor belt
    The stable stainless steel conveyor belt gently secures the product and feeds it forward with millimetre precision, ensuring even injection. Stainless steel is resistant to salt, protein and other corrosive substances. Consequently, there is no unsanitary discolouration or pitting throughout the product.
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    Low-wear needle system
    Spring-loaded needles pierce through all types of rind and meat. Discolouring in the meat is thus prevented. The needles stop on ontact with bone, which avoids bone splintering. The flexible needle bearing leaves enough space to glide gently alongside the bone. This prevents needle breakage.
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    Softer with sharp angled blades
    The softer works almost like a steaker with unique angled blades. After injection, they cut through the meat and fibres with surgical precision. This softens the fibre structure and activates actomyosin, the meat’s natural tenderiser. The meat becomes much more tender, and both protein extraction and liquid retention are optimised.

Original PR 15

The all-rounder with 15 needles for any size company 

Modern curing technique and timeless steel frame – just the right equipment for perfect results. The Original PR 15 guarantees accurate injection, good operating performance and superior cleaning features. 

at one glance

  • Stainless steel XXL impeller pump
  • Stainless steel belt with grip ridges
  • Welded machine construction
  • Fold-away workspace
  • Automatic belt fastening
  • -certificate of inspection


Fish accessories
Hand injector
Softer PR

Technical specifications

Machine length 1.270 mm 2.250 mm
Machine width 500 mm
Machine height 1.586 mm
Machine weight 150 kg
Connected load 400 V, 1,8 kW, 16 A
Belt advance feed 25 mm/step
Belt width 270 mm
Rows of needles 2
Feed inlet height 180 mm
Injection volume 5 - 40 %
Injections 35 per minute
Pressure 0.5 - 4.3 bar
Performance 1.000 kg / h

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