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    Gentle yet effective tumbling
    The container can be tilted to different angles. The large-diameter container enables good rolling of the product. The rotational speed of the mixing arm ranges from 1 to 25 rpm. An arm with a large working surface, but no edges or angles, does the rest.
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    Perfect scraping
    The outer contour of the mixing arm is designed for gentle handling and processing of delicate products. A
    rotating scraper keeps all container surfaces perfectly clean. Everything remains within the mixture, and nothing is left unprocessed.
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    User-friendly programming
    Twelve parameters are easily accessible at any stages. Recipes can be created intuitively, and everyday tasks are easily facilitated by a smaller control interface. All made possible by perfect software and
    reliable hardware.
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    Fluid induction system
    Many applications achieve better results when liquid seasoning is added not at one go but rather in several stages. An intake valve serves this purpose by releasing just the right amount of liquid into the process – with manual or fully automatic control.
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    Precise temperature control
    The powerful cooling unit inserts the coolant directly into the perfectly insulated container. This enables very fast temperature regulation and very precise adaptation to all temperature requirements. Optionally, the cooling unit can also be run as heat pump and supply heat up to 80°C.
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    Integrated feed system
    Automatic, push-button positioning of the container and container lid enables integrated feeding with a
    200 lt standard trolley. Filling takes only a few seconds and emptying less than a minute. Varying the angle of the drum during the running of the programm guarantees the optimum results.

Original MPR 300

One-trolley HighTech tumbling and marinating

Equipped with a fast feed system, the Original MKR 300 has a container volume of 300 lt and can hold 220 kg of meat. From cooling to vacuum treatment to variable arm speeds, this machine is perfectly designed to achieve the best possible results. The secret of this success lies in its control technology, reflecting decades of experience.

at one glance

  • Touch-PC control
  • 100% container insulation
  • Swivel locking lid
  • Motorised lid
  • Feed system
  • Container swivelling
  • Direct cooling system
  • Stainless steel air canal, cooled
  • Sterilisation system (90%)
  • Bayonet arm attachment
  • Scraper, pressure assembling
  • -certificate of inspection


Plough mixing arm
Scraper arm
Fluid induction system
Standard trolley (200 l), blue

Technical specifications

Machine height 2.100 - 2.600 mmm
Machine length 1.380 - 1.800 mm
Machine width 1.900 mm
Machine weight 1.100 kg
Connected load 400 V, 4,2 kW, 16 A
Filling capacity 220 l
Container size 300 l
Coolant R 404
Variable arm drive 0 - 25 U/min
High-vacuum system 0 - 95 %

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