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    Single-needle control
    As soon as a needle encounters the surface of the meat, the liquid intake opens. If the needle hits bone, the liquid intake closes to prevent too much liquid accumulating at one location. When a needle pierces the meat without meeting bone resistance, it injects until the needle exits the underside of the meat. In this way, the brine is evenly distributed throughout the piece of meat. 
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    Softer for better protein extraction

    Fine angled blades cut right through the meat with surgical precision. A suspension system for the blades
    enables processing of bone-in-meat parts. During the process of cutting through the fibres, the meat structure is softened, activating actomyosin, the meat’s own tenderiser. The result is increased fluid retention and tender meat.

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    A versatile rotary pump

    Built as a centrifugal pump, this apparatus is genuinely versatile. The pump works at low pulsation and is self-priming, dry-run safe and self-draining up to the last drop. The quick-suctioning geometry of the pump wheel enables air removal, thus improving the brine. Consequently, full pressure is available at the needles from the first stroke in the selection range of between 0.3 to 4.2 bars, which in turn enables accurate injection volumes from 3% to 80%.

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    Perfect brine by means of jet pump
    A strong jet leads to perfectly seasoned brine in just one minute. It distributes all the spices and ingredients equally in the water and dissolves them perfectly. A weaker jet maintains the result of mixing during the injection process, keeping the spices and ingredients evenly distributed throughout the curing cycle. As the spices are kept constantly suspended, the meat is uniformly seasoned.
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    Smart operating aids
    An inlet feed ramp set at an angle serves as a chute for tipping in meat. When positioned flat, the ramp can be used as a work surface. For example, bins can be deposited on the surface to feed the meat onto the belt with minimum effort. The machine is built to accommodate standard trolley height, and the operating controls are easily within reach.
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    Superior hygiene

    Every part of this machine has been designed for fast cleaning. There are no hard-to-access corners. Much consideration has also been given to hygiene areas that are not visible. The curing injector drains completely following operation or cleaning. The Original IR 29 can be cleaned, dried and easily stored away in no time.

Original IR 29

HighTech curing

with 29 needles

The latest curing injector on the market offers advantages that other machines cannot match. The Original IR 29 was manufactured to contemporary standards without having to compromise on traditional technologies. The result is a more accurate, extremely powerful and exceptionally efficient machine with 29 needles.

at one glance

  • Touch PC
  • Variable operating speeds
  • Single - needle control
  • Stainless steel immersion / rotary pump
  • Softer
  • Stainless steel belt
  • Welded machine construction
  • Standard trolley clearance
  • Fold-away workspace


Standard trolley (200 l), blue

Technical specifications

Machine length 1.228 - 2.072 mm
Machine width 911 mm
Machine height 1.890 mm
Machine weight 440 kg
Performance 2.000 kg/h
Injections 24 / 48 per minute
Belt width 360 mm
Rows of needles 2
Feed inlet height 280
Injection volume 3 - 80 %
Pressure 0.3 - 4.2 bar
Connected load 400 V, 6,1 kW, 16 A
Belt advance feed 20 / 30 / 40 mm

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