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    Smart needle system
    Program-controlled actuating drives automatically switches from singleneedle to beam control or to cleaning control. Only very rarely must a needle be changed manually; but even that is easily done.
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    Intuitive, large-format screen
    The control computer synchronises nine drive units to ensure seamless functioning. During operation the system senses any changes and rapidly adjusts the Original IR 112 to the new conditions. The process
    data are documented and all settings and operating or cleaning-related data are continuously shown on
    the screen for the operator to view.
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    Softer for better protein extraction

    Fine angled blades cut right through the meat with surgical precision. A suspension system for the blades
    enables processing of bone-in-meat parts. During the process of cutting through the fibres, the meat structure is softened, activating actomyosin, the meat’s own tenderiser. The result is increased fluid retention and tender meat.

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    Rotary filter for brine filtration
    Everything that does not fit through the needles is filtered out of the returning brine. Lumps of protein or spices are crushed and mixed again with the brine. Thus, everything that should be in the brine remains,
    and everything else is safely filtered out. The entire system is easily removed, cleaned and re-assembled.
    The rest is a fully automatic function.
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    Integrated propeller mixer
    A fast-rotating propeller mixes a perfectly seasoned brine in just one minute. It distributes the spices and ingredients evenly in the water and dissolves them perfectly. A slower propeller speed maintains the mixing result throughout injection. Spices and ingredients thus remain evenly distributed, and are kept continuously in a mix action to enable uniform seasoning of the meat.
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    Automatic feed
    The Original IR 112 is perfectly suited to both belt and trolley feeding. The machine’s generous 700 mm-wide conveyor system can easily accommodate a trolley dumper or charging tower, eliminating spillage.

Original IR 112

Convenient smart curing with 112 needles

The 112-needle curing system represents a novel, state-of-the-art machine construction which fulfills all requirements. Offering a contact surface of 700 mm as well as 60 injection strokes per minute, the IR 112 achieves top performance of up to 7.000 kg per hour.

at one glance

  • Touch - PC control
  • Process diagnostics system
  • Variable operating speeds
  • Single - needle control
  • Stainless steel XXL impeller pump
  • Rotary pump
  • Softer
  • Stainless steel belt with grip ridges
  • Welded machine construction
  • Cleaning assistant
  • Standard trolley clearance


Fish accessories
Softer IR
Big-box feeding system
Standard trolley (200 l), blue

Technical specifications

Machine length 1.962 mm
Machine width 1.242 mm
Machine height 2.257 mm
Machine weight 1.260 kg
Connected load 400 V, 14.7 kW, 32 A
Performance 7.000 kg/h
Injections 60 per minute
Belt width 700 mm
Feed inlet height 200 mm
Injection volume 5 - 80 %
Pressure 1 - 4 bar
Rows of needles 4
Belt advance feed 80 mm

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