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    Ham packaging
    As soon as the meat is wrapped in protein film, it is pushed into the net. The net slides gently but very tightly over the meat. The ends are then tied and the ham is firmly packed. Suspended, the ham dries at 85°C, before being smoked also at 85°C and steamed in convection at a humidity of between 50 to 60%.

Original ER 1

Netting is child’s play

With this easy, robust technology, netting can be done in seconds on any size table. The Original ER 1 helps to get the ham or joint into the net without damaging the protein film.The Original ER 1 is the obvious choice for producing film-wrapped netted ham economically and compactly. With its strong smokey aroma and pleasing rustic appearance, this ham is a premium-quality speciality.

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Ham netting

Technical specifications

Machine height 425 mm
Machine length 670 mm
Machine width 300 mm
Machine weight 16 kg
Packaging size 190 mm max. feed inlet height

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